8″ Little Buddy Fiber Pack (Case of 200)

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Check out our 8″ Big Buddy Fiber Packs! You now have the freedom to enjoy stuffing your Bears and Buddies on the go with our individual Fiber Packs. Each 2 oz pack has the perfect amount of fiber for you to stuff your plush animal full of love. Stuffing instructions on the back of the bag make it a breeze to stuff now or stuff later. Did we mention our premium fiber is hypoallergenic and is virgin fiber meaning it’s the softest and highest quality you’ll find? We thought you’d like like to hear that.

Earth Promise Program

In an effort to educate today’s youth about the important of being mindful on how to promote a healthier planet, we’ve created the Earth Promise Program. With every purchase of a full Fiber Pack Case we will be giving away a cotton Earth Promise recycling bag. The focus in on having kids put the left over fiber pack bags into the bag for recycling after your activity has taken place.

Having children engage in an activity like this help bring awareness about environmentalism and provides your business an opportunity to think green by recycling your left over bags. We also have a list of fun sustainability focused arts and crafts activities available for TBF Affiliates to help create an even more engaging activity for your Build A Plush events.

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Fiber Pack Recycling How To:

Did you know various plastics such as grocery bags, produce bags, and even garbage bags can’t be recycled with your curbside recycling bin? These “sticky” plastics are almost be like gum for sorting facilities and can do more harm then good. Generally clear bags and wraps that are not “crinkly” or easily torn are made of polyethylene (PE, #2 or #4 plastic) and are recyclable. To this note, we encourage the recycling of our fiber packs to have a more sustainable foot print with your business.

In an effort to support this, please use this Drop Off Location Directory provided by PlasticFilmRecyling.org to locate your nearest recycling drop off near you. Click Here to Find a Drop Off Location