Polyfil Fiber 2 inch (2 boxes) 50 lb. (For Hand Stuffing Only)

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2″ Polyfil Fiber is meant for Hand Stuffing of your favorite Bears & Buddies. This virgin fiber is hypoallergenic and is of the highest quality you’ll find on the market. When hand stuffing, you’ll find this is a more robust material that doesn’t require much fluffing before stuffing which makes it perfect for filling up your bear easy and fun.

Note: 25 lbs of 2″ Fiber will stuff between 40-50 16″ Plush Animals and 80-100 8″ Plush Animals.

SKU: PF50-2



Product Specifications:

Hypoallergenic Virgin Fiber

Product of the USA

Cut Length: 66mm/2 inch

Detail: Hallowed Slick with Silicone Finish

Category: Conjugated (Spiral)

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