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Your Business Matters

At The Bear Factory, we stand behind our mission statement of creating lasting memories while preserving our planet. Our Dealers believe in our mission and operates with the same passion. As a business we want to go above and beyond for our customers who have gone above and beyond for their customers. As a family owned business, we know the time and attention to detail it takes to run a successful operation. 

We are looking for customers who embody our mission of supporting our local community and green spaces. By joining us in our mission, we feel you deserve an elevated partnership with us as your provider.

We are looking for companies who provide the best possible experience for their customers. Industry knowledge and customer interaction is the lifeline of what makes our industry so impactful.

Winners win and we love winners. Business expertise and a history of success is a required element of eligibility. If you are new to the plush industry, we require at least 5 years of business ownership or management experience for consideration.

Our dealers believe in our mission of product quality, safety and design. A majority of a company’s plush offerings is required to be The Bear Factory. We value your loyalty and partnership with us.

Every certified dealer must be engaging with sustainable business practices for eligibility. No matter how small or large your initiative, continued effort and expansion is what we evaluate. Customer education, recycling programs, and operational programs all qualify.

Dealer Benefits

Why become a Certified Dealer? Simple. We invest in those who have invested in us and align with our company mission. Elevating your customer experience and providing you with added tools for success is what we do best and have the resources to contribute.

As a Certified Dealer, you will be eligible to receive various perks that include:

  • Reduced order minimums
  • Company profile on our website’s Dealer Directory (Great for referrals)
  • Early access to product and inventory releases
  • Product discount eligibility
  • Full Access to Marketing Media Suite (Photos, videos, social campaigns, etc)
  • Annual TBF Team Gift Pack

Your commitment to working with us means something and we are committed to your success.

Next Steps

Getting started with your application is simple. Please fill out the form below completely for review. Please allow up to 30 days for review of your application before a TBF Team Member reaches out for follow up questions. Should you be accepted through the initial application. You will then be onboarded for our Media Policy Agreement and connected to our Dealer Portal where you will be able to access all of your added benefits and content.

We look forward to connecting with you on how to better support one another and assist in growing your business further.

Certified Dealer Registration
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