Custom Designs

Creating Custom Designs to Meet Your Needs

Top 5 Reasons to Design Custom Plush & Clothing

  1. Allows you to be different than ALL of the other mainstream retailers.
  2. Have a higher perceived value at retail.
  3. Greater profit margins.
  4. Great extension to your existing product line.
  5. Customers get a unique tangible item that reminds them of the great experience they had at your location.

What our Custom Plush & Clothing service includes:

  • Prototype & Production Quality Sample
  • Dedicated Project Design Team
  • Complete help with our in-house Design Team, which includes fabric selection and color palettes.
  • Designs for large & small customers.
  • After we gather the specifics of your custom plush and/or clothing project, The Bear Factory will manufacture a production quality prototype sample.
  • We have worked with some of the largest retailers worldwide to design our custom Plush & Clothing items.

Every project is different, and we work with our customers to create a process that works for them.

black and blue text that reads "check out our custom printing options. let's create something"
Graph that showcases cycle of custom designs highlight concept, sketch, sample, artwork, revisions, final sample, production, and delivery.
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