Custom Designs


Top 5 Reasons to Design Custom Plush & Clothing

  1. Allows you to be different than ALL of the other mainstream retailers.
  2. Have a higher perceived value at retail.
  3. Greater profit margins.
  4. Great extension to your existing product line.
  5. Customers get a unique tangible item that reminds them of the great experience they had at your location.

What our Custom Plush & Clothing service includes:

  • Prototype & Production Quality Sample
  • Dedicated Project Design Team
  • Complete help with our in-house Design Team, which includes fabric selection and color palettes.
  • Designs for large & small customers.
  • After we gather the specifics of your custom plush and/or clothing project, The Bear Factory will manufacture a production quality prototype sample.
  • We have worked with some of the largest retailers worldwide to design our custom Plush & Clothing items.

Our Process

  1. Concept: We will work with you to gather as much information and detail to bring your concept or idea to life.
  2. Sketch: Our design team will create a detailed sketch or drawing of your concept.
  3. Sample: The initial sample is produced and sent to the customer for review and feedback.
  4. Artwork: Hangtags and labeling of each item will be included upon review of customer.
  5. Revisions: If necessary, any revisions or changes to the initial sample are submitted and processed to create an improved sample.
  6. Final Sample: A final sample is sent to the customer for approval and sign off for production to start.
  7. Production: Once the final sample is approved, production begins and is normally completed in 60-70 days.
  8. Delivery: After production is completed, the finial product is delivered to the customer about 30 days after completion of production.

– Every project is different, and we work with our customers to create a process that works for them. –