Plush for the Planet

We had a Vision

where one day we would be able to offer a green product line that holds up to sustainability standards while also providing an opportunity to educate children on the importantance of environmental and animal conservation. A quest that started in 2018, took more then two years of research and development, has led us to #PlushforthePlanet. Plush for the Planet is our Sustainable Collection of plush animals made from 100% recycled fabrics. While holding true to our quality standards, we are proud to offer the world’s first sustainable build your own plush line.

Our inaugural line consists of sea animals with a driving focus of promoting awareness of our oceans and the micro plastics that litter them. Our goal is to let Plush for the Planet be a conversation starter with the next generation while also providing an interactive build your own plush experience to create a memorable lasting impression.

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rPET Explained Why Recycled & What It Means

Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate (rPET) is the process by which previously recycled packaging materials are collected, sorted, cleaned and transformed into a usable material. This new material can be used for packaging, apparel, and in our case, plush fabrics. This recycled product is usually made from #1 and #2 plastics which can include water bottles, textile waste, and even old fishing nets.

Taking plastics that have an ability to be recycled, supports a Circular Economy model of reusing items opposed to the use of virgin materials. The main downside of rPET are the added costs that can be attributed to the processing of these materials into a usable medium.

Quality and Safety Standards

has always been the upmost priority for us. Providing the highest quality product that will last as long as the memories they create is our goal. This core value of ours was always a driving factor as we went through the process of learning about recycled materials and what it means from a manufacturing stand point. After countless conversations and many hours of learning, we are proud to offer a sustainable product line that is certified and same quality standard as the rest of our Signature Collection.


The Motive behind the plastic recycling movement was to create public perception that wide use of plastics was green because of it’s ability to recycled. The reality is that most plastics are in fact NOT recyclable.