Fiber Stuffing 101

We offer the highest quality fiber and stuffing options for use in either our Vortex Stuff Machines or for hand-stuffing your buddy with love. We offer both virgin and recycled poly-fiber with both being hypo-allergenic and tested for safety.

There are two different lengths of fiber fill depending on your stuffing needs. 2″ Fiber is used for Hand Stuffing as this a thicker, more plush product. 1.25″ Fiber is used for Stuffing Machines as this is a shorter length fiber that processes well in machines.

Both 2″ and 1.25″ come in 28 lbs boxes that stuff between 45-55 16″ Plushies and 90-110 8″ Plushies. Please note Fiber Packs are suitable to stuff one plush of the appropriate size designated on the package. Please do not use Fiber Packs in stuffing machines as this fiber type will likely clog and potentially damage your machine.