Stuffing Machines

The Bear Factory Stuffing Machines

Handcrafted in the state of Michigan, our Vortex Stuffing Machine line leads the industry in performance and design. With over 18 years of experience and innovation, we’ve created a patented Vortex technology, that makes our  machines the most powerful on the market. We pride ourselves on performance which is why our machines can stuff plush animals in a fraction of the time and are built to last. Made from sustainable sourced wood, these machines are the perfect solution to elevating your build a buddy experience.

Vortex Series Stuffing Machines

The vortex series is a revolutionary stuffing machine engineered and specific to The Bear Factory. The vortex technology utilizes air compression and a traditional mulching system that provides more efficient polyfiber distribution. This combination creates an enhanced stuffing capability focused around maximal stuffing yield per load.

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