Stuffing Machines

Our stuffers have been on the market for over 13 years, with several hundred machines being sold worldwide. The machines are manufactured by a company in the toy industry that designs and builds high volume children’s vending machines. Our stuffers are uniquely built with industrial strength motors which use a two phase motor for the most efficient stuffing experience available today.

Our portable stuffer is great for Special Events, Kiosk, or Home party use. The fiber hopper hold enough stuffing to fill over 15 animals prior to reloading!. It comes apart in 2 pieces with the top weighing 25 lbs, and the bottom weighing 40 lbs. It will fit in your car or truck for easy transportation. The machine fully assembled is 6 feet high, 2 feet wide.


  • All machines are made to order – Customized colors, and graphics are available.
  • Portability – Machines are great for fairs, home parties, corporate events, and parties.


  • Uses forced air technology that never block or clogs.
  • Machines meet ALL decibel levels requirements.
  • OSHA certified and meets the Occupational Noise Exposure Standards (1910.95 decibels)
  • Safety switches, keylock switches and kill switches on all machines.
  • CE international parts and components to meet all overseas regulations.