Stuffing Machines

The Bear Factory Stuffing Machines

The Bear Factory is proud to release our own stuffing machine line after 14 years of experience in the field. Through out 2018 we’ve spent countless hours designing, reconfiguring and product testing with customers, to create a truly unique stuffing machine product line unlike the industry has every seen. After all of this hard work, we are proud to offer the Vortex Series.

Vortex Series Stuffing Machines

The vortex series is a revolutionary stuffing machine engineered and specific to The Bear Factory. The vortex technology utilizes air compression and a traditional mulching system that provides more efficient polyfiber distribution. This combination creates an enhanced stuffing capability focused around maximal stuffing yield per load.

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Vortex Mini Stuffer

The Vortex Mini Stuffer is the perfect entry level stuffing machine for anyone looking to break into the stuffing machine space.

Vortex ONE

The Vortex ONE is a great beginner as well as small event stuffing machine option. This portable unit doesn’t require any assembly and will amplify the “fun factor” for your event.

Vortex PRO

The Vortex PRO is a high capacity stuffing machine built for large events. A larger hopper, faster stuffing speed and bluetooth speaker make this machine a one of kind in its category.