Plush for the Planet World Release

Plush for the planet press release

The Bear Factory Introduces Plush for the Planet, World’s First Plush Made from Recycled Fabrics

#PlushforthePlanet is The Bear Factory’s inaugural plush line made from recycled fabrics. The first of its kind and a forerunner in the build your own plush industry.

WHITMORE LAKE, Mich. (June 19, 2020) – Amongst global hardships that kicked off 2020, The Bear Factory remains poised and focused on making a positive impact with the release of its first sustainable plush line. Plush for the Planet is an initiative focused on creating environmental awareness through a sustainable plush toy line. “We’ve spent over two years researching and testing different types of recycled materials. It’s been a trying and difficult road but we are making strides and gaining momentum to set a new standard in the toy industry,” said Jimmy Banish, COO of The Bear Factory.

The new green plush line includes three sea life animals all made from 100% recycled fabrics. “We looked at different combinations of recycled fabrics, 50%, 75%, but nothing could match our current signature butter fabric that can be found on the rest of our line. Therefore we made the move to scale out fabrics made of 100% recycled materials.” commented Keia McLean, Director of Product Innovation. The 16” plush animals include Seaweed the Sea Turtle, Ocean the Octopus, and Grey the Great White Shark. Introducing the first sustainable line in the form of sea life buddies was intentional as TBF is focused on bringing awareness to our oceans and more specifically, microplastic waste that litters them.

Plush for the Planet is set to make its market debut at the end of July 2020 with the release of all three animals. The sea life line also includes a 16” Blue Whale, but this particular plush animal is made of The Bear Factory’s traditional award-winning signature fabrics. However, Bowie the Blue Whale does have the same mission of promoting oceanic health awareness along with his recycled counterparts.

“Since 2001 we (The Bear Factory) have been known for our quality standards and always raising the bar. We are excited to continue this tradition as we move into our  20th year in business with a focus on sustainability and environmental education.” Jerry McLean, CEO of The Bear Factory, said in closing.