Project 20

It started with a question

back in 2018 as we were talking about who we are as a company. At that point we had been in business for 17 years with the second generation of family members being groomed and transitioned to senior management positions. Questions like, “What materials are we using for our products?” and “How much packaging do we go through?” were being asked and why. Historically, manufacturing and the distribution of products in our world has a large waste output that was unavoidable.

Since asking these questions and further educating ourselves, we have taken on the mission of changing the way we operate and adapting a new philosophy with how we can lead by example to positively impact all stakeholders we connect with. Project 20 is the culmination of many things but most importantly it is the act of doing rather than saying.

As 2021 marks our 20th year in business we are making a stand and inviting our customers and partners to join us as we implement more sustainable business practices for the better of our planet and communities.

New Compostable Bags Used
% of Plush Made of Recycled Fabrics
Total Pounds of Plastic Removed

Plush for the Planet

We had a vision where one day we would be able to offer a green product line that holds up to sustainability standards while also providing an opportunity to educate children on the importantance of environmental and animal conservation. A quest that started in 2018, took more then two years of research and development, has led us to #PlushforthePlanet. Plush for the Planet is our Sustainable Collection of plush animals made from 100% recycled fabrics. While holding true to our quality standards, we are proud to offer the world’s first sustainable build your own plush line.

Check out our Recycled Plush Line Here

Conservation Corner: Education Postcards

Download and print these free education postcards to help educate children and adults alike on various environmental topics. Click the picture for a Print Ready PDF.