About The Bear Factory

A:  The first step to get started with a Bear Factory account is to visit our “Get Started” page. Here, you will find our Wholesale Application. After filling this out, a member of our team will respond to your application. In addition to the wholesale application, on this page you’ll find helpful videos, Q&A’s, order information and more! This page is a great resource for new customers. For more information click here

A: We are the Original company that started the complete ONE STOP shopping experience for ALL products needed for the Build Your Own Plush. We are the first to create and offer a sustainable plush line, as sustainability is a driving force at The Bear Factory and the center of our focus when looking at the future of our company!

How We Are Different

A: Since we started this business, our primary focus has always been quality. If a product doesn’t match the Bear Factory standard, we keeping working it until it does. You will notice a difference when comparing our fabrics to our competitors and can rest assured knowing we work hard to source clean and safe products for our customers. In recent years, we’ve added sustainability into our primary focus, working hard to find recycled fabrics that match the integrity of our signature plush line but never compromise our quality standard. We offer unique designs and high quality fabrics in a competitive price range and are always working to provide the BEST product in the market.

A: Our plush and clothing lines are all custom designed in our design center with each style designed to be the best product to generate the most significant sales at the retail level.

A: Offering eco-friendly products is important at The Bear Factory.  We are GRS 4.0 certified which means that our eco-friendly plush is 100% recycled. For information about this certification click here.

In addition to our sustainable plush line, we also offer recycled fiber, recycled carry-home bags, and eco-soap to safely clean your buddies at home! Through our sustainable packaging program, 90% of our plastic packaging has been converted to commercial compostable alternatives. If you would like to learn more about our sustainable plush line click here.

Plush & Clothing

A: Yes, we have two standard sizes of plush. We carry a small 8” product line and a large 16” product line. Our sizes are true to size compared to many of our competitors. Our plush line also includes stuffing in the head and paws which decreases the amount of fiber you have to use to stuff the animals.

A: Yes, ALL of our products are tested each year to make sure we comply with any and all toy industry standards. We carry the ASTM-F963 safety certification for all of our United States products, and the EN-71 certification or Europe.

A: It takes about 5 oz of fiber to fill our 16” plush and 2oz to fill our 8” plush.

A: The Bear Factory holds the United Stated patent for the locking zipper closure. Since 2002 we have been using this closure which utilizes a zipper with the string attached to the zipper head that is removed after stuffing is completed. This allows the zipper head to lock and secure the animal so children cannot open the back of the animal. We also have a fabric material that covers each side of the velcro closure so any customers that stuffs by hand will not have fiber get into the velcro closure.

A: Even our furry friends need to be cleaned! Check out our eco-friendly nontoxic cleaning laundry soap: Click here and you will find a video on how to wash your furry friend. 

A: We do offer custom t-shirts and printing for the animals. If you are interested in purchasing custom apparel click here. We also offer a custom plush program. For more information on this, please email hello@thebearfactory.com or click here

A: Yes, you can purchase pre-stuffed animals for an additional charge per animal or purchase individual fiber packs/bulk stuffing to stuff the animals yourself. For more information please click here.

A: Sustainability is one of the top priorities at The Bear Factory. We do offer eco-friendly plush through our “Plush for the Planet” line. These animals are made from 100% recycled materials. All our plush is now pre-filled with recycled fiber as well. To learn more about our Plush for the Planet line, click here. 

Company Structure

A: We are a wholesale company only. We do not franchise, and do not exercise control over the business practices and policies of our customers. We do not compete against our customers and sell our products retail.

A: We do not sell our items retail. If you are interested in select products to be purchased retail, please email us at hello@thebearfactory.com. We will be happy to refer you to retail businesses that carry our products.

A: Yes, we allow the use of our name and web pictures by our customers. But you will need to request special permission for the usage of the name or pictures in your business for purposes of advertising, website design, or development of printed materials. Please email jimmy@thebearfactory.com for more information on our Media Policy.

A: We do not rent stuffing machines and only offer machine purchases. We do have a “Lease to Own” program through a third-party company, Time Payment. For more information on Time-Payment click here.


A: We carry the ASTM-F963 safety certification for all our United States products, and the EN-71 certification for Europe. For more information click here. 

Ordering & Tracking

A: All orders must be submitted to us either through our website. We are unable to take any orders over the phone as we do require a paper trail order for reference. If you are submitting a PO you may reference your PO number on the order form online or those can be sent via Email. Please be sure that with any order submitted that you are meeting the minimum requirements for each item ordered.

A: We have a secure payment system for Credit Card payments and currently accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. We also offer NET terms and COD payments but those are only accepted upon approval with our factor company.

A: Sometimes, when we are near depletion of certain items this may result in and Out-of-Stock situation. In these cases we will update and invoice accordingly to reflect the change to your order. Please check your invoice, which is sent to you via email to review your final invoice, as we do not contact each customer upon depletion of an item. If you wish to be contacted if an item is out of stock we ask that you contact us before placing the order so we are able to notate it on your account. Out-of-Stock items will not be backordered.

A: Shipping rates depend on the weight and dimension of each package. We ship all packages via FedEx Ground. For more information please click here.

A: Once your order has been placed and we figure out the weights and dimensions of each box of the order, we then would be able to get an exact shipping quote. You will be notified via email or by phone of these charges and you then have the decision of how to proceed with your order

A: All orders can be tracked using the tracking information provided on the invoice once the product has been sent. At times some packages in your order can arrive at different times depending on how FedEx distributed the packages upon pickup. If you have any questions regarding your order you can contact FedEx giving them the provided tracking information and they should be able to give you further details regarding your order.

A: We have two order minimum requirements – the first is a $100.00 minimum per order and the second is a minimum of 6 qty per style. You do not have to order in quantities of 6, the minimum just requires at least 6 per style.  For more information please click here.

A: We have a 24-hour shipping guarantee here at The Bear Factory. Our hours of operation are Monday-Thursday 10am-5pm EST. Orders placed outside of these business hours will be shipped within 24 hours of the next business day. For more information please click here.


Defective Merchandise, Returns and Discrepancies

The Bear Factory does not accept returns or exchanges once product has left our facility because of the nature of our product interfacing with children in addition to medical groups. We apologize for this inconvenience but all sales are final.

A: We attempt to produce the highest quality goods possible. We are always happy to evaluate your claim and offer a product credit should your claim be accepted. To learn more, please click here to visit our Product Claim Form

A: When you discover you have a discrepancy, it must be reported within 48 hours of receipt of the goods. You may contact us via email or phone. You will need to provide your invoice number. If reported immediately, we will rectify the situation as necessary.