16″ Long Hair Bear

(4 customer reviews)
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Long Hair Bear is a classic fan favorite. His soft, fluffy fur and lovable face makes him the perfect gift. Make Long Hair Bear one of a kind with a 20 second sound recorder module!

Note: Plush Animal is Unstuffed | Click Here for Stuffing Options

16" Long Hair Bear

4 reviews for 16″ Long Hair Bear

  1. Bear Factory

    One of my favorite bears by far!

  2. jdtate (verified owner)

    The boys in my classroom loved these bears. They are very cute and huggable.

  3. madelinepetru (verified owner)

    just fell in love with these bears

  4. rammy22

    Recieved this the day after my husband funaral he put a message on it for me gives me great comfort and its lovely and soft to cuddle love it its name is albertx

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