The Bear Factory Events – Meet Mike

Photo of Mike Anderson of The Bear Factory Events

Please join us in welcoming the new lead director of The Bear Factory Events, Mike Anderson. This unique joint venture extends an exciting opportunity for individuals to invest in a mobile trailer business model. In this innovative partnership, customers take on the role of owner/operator, while The Bear Factory Events serves as the backbone, providing comprehensive business, marketing, and administrative support.

A Personal Letter: 
“I’m excited for the opportunity to join The Bear Factory Events Team and to take an existing successful family-owned business and help build a new branch off the tree. We are looking for new and existing partners, retailers, resorts, and individuals who align with The Bear Factory Events’ values, possess the skills necessary for successful entrepreneurship, and are dedicated to creating and delivering exceptional memorable experiences for their customers and communities. Together, let’s bring the magic of The Bear Factory Events to you.”

Best, Mike Anderson.
p. 248.437.4930 ext. 110